Siemens Energy and Automation
Bar Code Label Requirements

The SEA Bar Code System is a Windows based program developed to provide an affordable, user friendly alternative for Siemens vendors to comply with Siemens Energy and Automation bar code labeling requirements. Not only does the program produce Siemens compliant bar code labels by filling out a simple data entry screen, but it also ships with a number of other features that make it an indispensable asset.

Sample Data Entry Screen



Complies with all specifications in the Siemens Energy and Automation bar code labeling requirements.
Prints on readily available over-the-counter bar code labels (Avery #5165) -- no need to incur the high cost of ordering custom labels.
Improved data entry and printing options.
Improved network management and multi user configuration.

386 IBM Compatible Computer or better.
4 megs RAM or greater.
Approximately 5 megs of available Hard Drive space.
MS Windows 95 or greater.
Laser Printer (recommended, but not required)

Version 2.0
$249.99 US
Upgrade from Version 1.x
$99.99 US
Network Licenses (per user)
$49.99 US

If you would like on site installation and training, we offer this service at an additional cost.

We are confident you will find the SEA Bar Code System to be the most affordable and user friendly alternative for meeting your Siemens Energy and Automation bar code requirements. We have made every effort to ensure your compliance experience goes as smooth as possible.

If you would like further information or would like to order the SEA Bar Code System, you can contact us at (562) 497-1767 or by e-mail at


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